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We create smart, automated coffee and espresso equipment.
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The best in coffee technology

Nearly a century of R&D has resulted in equipment that is precise, ergonomic, and intuitive.

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Low Cost of Ownership

Don’t cripple your operations budget with high technician bills. We use metal components designed for heavy use instead of disposable, plastic components like our competitors.

Class-Leading Brewing Quality

Taste the difference of coffee brewed without compromise, 24 hours a day.

Smart Automation

Self-regulating brewing system keeps your coffee dialed in and cup quality consistent.


Meet the Egro Touch Coffee

Brewed coffee without compromise. Thanks to high-volume on-demand brewing, each cup is ground and brewed fresh for great tasting coffee at any time of the day. The Touch Coffee is designed around your self-service coffee needs.

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What our customers are saying:

“The Egro ONE is a huge factor in keeping our labor at less than 25% of sales and giving incredible service. It's hard to do both, but this machine allows us to do it."

Brandon Knudsen, Co-founder | Ziggi’s Coffee

Keeping You Brewing

Regular maintenance and reliable technical support are the essential parts of your coffee program. Reduce downtime and keep your equipment running smoothly with the help of technical support experts.

Call us 24/7 at (877) 642-9409 or click below for help with technical issues and questions.

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Serving the US & Canada since 1999

Lean on Rancilio Group North America's vast service network, around-the-clock tech support, and dedicated team of industry experts.


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