Egro MoDe: How to Perform Weekly Cleaning

Bold Coffee in a Compact Design.

The Egro MoDe is a versatile and user-friendly super-automatic espresso machine, brewing all your favorite espresso-, milk-, and powder-based drinks at the touch of a button. 

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The MoDe is a stylish super-automatic espresso machine that packs the latest Egro technology into a compact design. It’s extremely versatile, customizable, and user-friendly for operators and customers alike.   

The MoDe features an easy-to-use, 7-inch touchscreen interface, simple one-touch brewing operations, and a fully customizable drink menu. Like all Egro models, the MoDe grinds and brews fresh for every cup and allows for full control over brewing variables like grind size, coffee dose, brewing time, and more, meaning you’ll never sacrifice taste or quality for convenience. 

How To Perform Weekly Cleaning...

1) To perform daily cleaning, pull down the brewer and lift its front panel.  

2) Push in and down on the spout to release it.

3) Pull apart the two components.

4) You can then use your cleaning brush to clean out any buildup.  

5) When cleaned, the two components will re-attach and snap back into place.  

6) When placing back onto the brewer, make sure to push in all the way where the red O-ring is no longer visible.  

7) To cover the brewer, you can either pull down the panel manually or pull the entire brewer up and down.  

You have now completed weekly cleaning! 

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