NEXT Pure Coffee

  • Superautomatic operation
  • Powerful, customizable app-driven software
  • Barista-quality espresso drinks
  • Equipped for staff use
  • Intelligent iSteam wand for milk prep
  • Self-adjusting grinding technology
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Automate your barista workflow

The Next Pure Coffee combines the convenience of a superautomatic espresso machine with the control and flexibility found on traditional equipment. But it all starts with great espresso. 

The Next's dual Self-Adjusting Grinders continuously monitor your coffee and make adjustments to the grind setting, ensuring that what you're brewing will taste great all day. Just tap the high-resolution touch screen to choose from endlessly customizable espresso, americano, and coffee options.

The intelligent iSteam wand gives baristas control over the milk preparation process with features that make their lives easier. The wand's temperature sensors can detect when the milk has reached the perfect temperature and shut the wand off automatically, preventing the milk from being over-aerated or burnt. And with programmable steaming presets, preparing perfect lattes, cappuccinos, and more is just a couple taps away.

Swiss Coffee Technology

Experience a beverage system designed to perform in busy self-service applications with minimal upkeep and top quality. 

  • High-volume brewing
  • Intelligent iSteam wand
  • Self-adjusting grinding system
  • Customize with powerful modules
  • Simple touchscreen operating system
  • Fully customizable graphics

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