Egro One Top Milk XP

  • Superautomatic machine with one-step operation
  • Barista-quality espresso drinks
  • Equipped for staff use
  • Milk prepared completely automatically
  • Simplified operation and upkeep
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Easy operation, powerful results

Espresso can be simple. With the Egro One, your staff can quickly prepare espresso and milk drinks with almost no training needed. The easy-to-use touchscreen operating system supports a fast, efficient beverage workflow.

Above all, the Egro One is designed to create great-tasting drinks. The dual Ditting™ grinders with stainless steel burrs ensure that your coffee is ground evenly for maximum consistency from one drink to the next.

If espresso drinks are an indispensable part of your menu, you need equipment that you can rely on. The Egro One features proven tech that is already relied on by cafes and restaurants around the world.  

Swiss Coffee Technology

Patented brewing systems and intuitive controls make for an espresso solution that can keep up and keep going.

  • High-volume brewing
  • Dual Ditting™ grinders
  • Customize with powerful modules
  • Simple touchscreen operating system

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