Egro Zero+ Quick Milk

  • Superautomatic espresso machine for medium-to-low volume, 110 V applications
  • Barista-quality espresso drinks
  • Equipped for self-service or staff use
  • Milk prepared completely automatically
  • Available in Pure Coffee version without external milk fridge
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Premium Espresso for Every Setup

The Egro Zero+ combines design, functionality and superior quality in the cup in an easy to use superautomatic espresso machine. It’s a perfect fit for a variety of locations, from bars and fast casual restaurants to hotels and corporate offices.

Despite its impressive drink capacity, the efficient brewing system of the Zero+ uses 110 V power for energy savings and increased versatility. And with a simple once-a-day cleaning program, the Zero+ will keep running smoothly without requiring unnecessary time and attention.

The countertop Quick Milk fridge allows for up to 1 gallon of milk storage, and it enables the Zero+ to fully prepare milk drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more with just a press of a button. These drink parameters can be saved or loaded via the USB port so you can easily replicate a recipe in multiple machines in various locations. With the Zero+, you're ready to make espresso simple.

Swiss Coffee Technology

Premium espresso quality in a compact frame that’s easy to use and maintain.

  • 18-gram stainless steel brew group
  • Dual Ditting™ grinders
  • Customizable with powerful modules
  • Backlit keypad interface
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