Self-Adjusting Grinders

Did you know that the environment around you can affect coffee during your business hours? 

Egro's self-adjusting grinding system compensates for uncontrollable environmental conditions by adjusting the size of coffee grounds for you.

Automation Controls the Uncontrollable

The less time you spend fumbling with machine settings or calling in a tech to adjust the grind, the more you allocate toward clients, customers, and coworkers. 

Automated quality-control functions found in our Egro machines ensure that your product will always be excellent.  

There are many other variables that affect the rate at which these coffee materials extract such as:

  • Ambient temperature and climate 
  • Age of the coffee 
  • Number of drinks produced in X amount of time. 
  • Frequency of cleaning procedures 

Self-Adjusting Software Works for You

Some of these conditions can change many times in a day of business. This is not exclusive to automated coffee machines. Baristas who work in traditional cafes must manually adjust their coffee throughout the day.  

Unfortunately, it is not possible to control all these factors when taking into consideration the other tasks that need attention day-to-day.   

By adjusting the grind size, Egro NEXT machines can brew great coffee despite changing conditions while you tend to more important matters of your business. Let computers take the weight of natural adjustments that must occur regardless of who is performing them. 

Adjusts for You Instantly

The self-adjusting grinding system is powered by Egro’s proprietary software. During normal use, the system tracks the coffee quantity, water quantity, and brew time of each cup of coffee. By analyzing trends in this data, the system can make accurate adjustments to the grind size.  

Say, for instance, your last three cups of coffee brewed quicker than the trends agree with and feedback from your consumers say the coffee is not as sweet as they desire. You may need to adjust your grinder for a finer size as this adjustment means more “material” can be extracted, thus a sweeter and more balanced cup. 

Proprietary Technology That Prioritizes Quality

Egro's self-adjusting grinder software provides an easy and reliable way to produce excellent quality coffee. 

You will be guided through calibration and installation with our techs to find your perfect recipe and machine settings. From there, our proprietary software and the self-adjusting grinder will carry on your recipe.

Excellent coffee can be automated. Egro will show you how.

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