Egro NEXT Pure Coffee

Egro NEXT is a superautomatic espresso machine that prepares high-quality espresso drinks. After selecting a drink option, fresh coffee beans are ground, brewed, and poured automatically. Choose from completely automated espresso and milk preparation or equip the NEXT with an intelligent iSteam wand. Available with countertop, undercounter, or workstation milk refrigeration options.



  • Pure Coffee

  • Top Milk

  • Beverage-Air 20" Undercounter Fridge

  • Beverage-Air 27" Workstation Fridge

  • Beverage-Air 48" Workstation Fridge


  • Cool Coffee Module

  • Powder Module


  • No Steam Wand

  • Manual Steam Wand

  • Automated iSteam Wand


  • External Hot Water Spout

Egro NEXT Pure Coffee

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