Reducing Touch Points

COVID-19 has made all of us more aware of what we are touching. Self-service coffee is no exception, and business owners are looking for ways to reduce the number of ‘touch points’ required in the coffee brewing process. 

Bean-to-Cup coffee brewing has several advantages over traditional self-service coffee, including waste reduction, labor savings, effective sanitation practices and on-demand brewing. Since bean-to-cup brewing requires minimal staff interaction, the amount of contact with the machine as well as the frequency of staff interaction is significantly reduced. 

Automation Makes for Better Cleaning Practices

A traditional coffee service model has an unavoidable number of touchpoints. While we can control the health of staff and ensure they are practicing efficient hygiene and health codes, we cannot say the same for customers. 

The most effective hygiene and sterilization practices involve reducing touchpoints. Would you rather sanitize 3 common touchpoints more frequently or 20 touchpoints less frequently? Bean-to-cup machines help reduce touchpoints so you can focus on a small number and confidently boast a sterile environment to your staff and customers during COVID-19. 

Less Touchpoints = More Comfort for Your Consumer

Those at high-risk for COVID-19 transmission are more likely to patronize a business that feels safe. Marketing a reduced touch-point service model to crowds who are immunocompromised conveys security of trust and safety to your consumers and increases the likelihood of return transactions. 

 Even healthy and able-bodied consumers would appreciate the sense of sanitary practices of a reduced touch-point service model if paired with frequent sanitations. Less points-of-contact mean a higher level of sanitation that can be maintained frequently. 

More Time to Communicate

The seamless flow of the Egro Top Milk or Touch Coffee frees up the time your customer spends making their beverage. With screensaver and promotional video and graphic support, you can fill the time with company-branded communications, sales, and more. This can create a sense of understanding between your customer and your business and give them another reason to walk back in the door.  

The Egro Touch Coffee can upgrade your self-service program in other ways, too. See what smart automatic coffee can do for you.